Waite Park Rifle Club: Member Responsibilities

Waite Park Rifle Club Member Responsibilities:

1. Our ranges are for club members only, except on designated guest days provided throughout the year.
2. Starting and ending shooting hours are strictly observed.
3. It is important that you sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.
4. Eye and ear protection are required on or near the firing lines.
5. All firearms arrive at the firing line cased and unloaded.
6. Do not handle firearms behind the firing line or when anyone is down range.
7. All targets are placed so that all shots enter the bunkers.
8. No breakable or exploding targets.
9. Whatever you bring with you must leave with you.
10. Open and close the gate gently.
11. No wildlife is to be harmed on club property.
12. All Steel Targets Must Have A Smooth Flat Face; No Craters Or Pock Marks.

This does not supersede our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Range Safety Officer (RSO) decisions.

Please use the range and enjoy yourself!

Safety is always our main concern.