Waite Park Rifle Club: Spring 2021 Newsletter

December 12, 2020

Dear Waite Park Rifle Club Member, 

The year, 2020, is a time many of would like to forget.  It has been fraught with problems for all of us;  the Rifle Club is no exception.

It began last winter with the snow plowing issue and quickly morphed into the COVID 19 matter.  We struggled with dates and locations for the key exchange and new member training.  It continues with the current restrictions on bars and restaurants.  We are unable to secure a location for our Annual Meeting.

We have addressed the snow plowing issue so the course should be accessible through the winter.  It may take a few days to remove the snow so please be patient.

Due to Governor Walz restrictions, the Board of Directors has found it necessary to CANCEL our ANNUAL MEETING for 2021.  Election of Board Members will not take place this year.  All Board Members will retain their current positions for another year.

KEY EXCHANGE and DUES PAYMENT for next year will take place at the ST. CLOUD EAGLE’S CLUB, 730 41ST AVENUE NORTH, according to the following schedule:

DATE                                                             TIME

May 1, 2021                                               11:00 AM

May 2, 2021                                               11:00 AM

May 8, 2021                                                  2:00 PM

New MEMBER TRAINING and DUES PAYMENT will take place at the RANGE according to the following schedule:

DATE                                                             TIME

April 17, 2021                                             11:00 AM

April 24, 2021                                             11:00AM

The Annual Renewal Membership fee remains at $70.00 and the new member dues for the first year is $120.00.  This includes the Initiation Fee and the first year Membership fee. The last day to pay dues is, May 31, 2021.

Range clean up is scheduled for Thursday, May 6, 2021, starting at 5:00 PM and May 8, 2021, starting at 9:00 AM.  We have 500 items of vegetation to be planted so your assistance will be needed and appreciated.  Remember that you can deduct 50% of your membership fee by volunteering 5 hours of time to assist with range projects.

Locks at the range will be changed on MAY 1, 2021.  Following this date your old key will no longer work.

We apologize for these drastic measures but feel there is no other option available to us.

The Range remains open for all.  Please practice responsible behavior while at the range.  Respect your fellow shooters and be safe.

We have made efforts to improve the Club website and encourage you to utilize this resource for changing Club information.


Board of Directors